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Safiria Online Reservation System (“SORS”) is a user-friendly online hotel booking system which allows potential hotel guests to establish room availability at a hotel, make their reservations and instantaneously receive a confirmation of their booking.... ...more»

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Safiria specializes in providing internet marketing support to businesses and organizations in the East African tourism sector.  Our objective is to assist the aforementioned entities to take advantage of information technology, especially the internet, to fully realize their long-term marketing potential at the least cost.  

The above objective is met through the provision of Email Marketing Support, Newsletter Management Support and designing websites as well as  providing website maintenance support to those already having websites. 

Our services are designed to enable businesses to cash-in on increased business potential provided by the internet.

Safiria provides a complete package designed to sustain a long-term internet marketing campaigns without adversely impacting on the Client’s sales and marketing budget.  The package includes free website design and delivers results within a relatively short time.

We offer customized yet dynamic internet and website solutions to businesses which allow for frequent and unlimited updating of the website at no additional cost. Essentially, our packages are designed to make the internet work towards meeting the Client’s goals and objectives as well as ensuring that Internet Marketing is a stress-free affair for the Client.

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